Speedy Sale

After weeks of advertising our 23’ custom made van on every website possible with only one enquiry, we decided to sell our van on consignment through a dealer. We researched a dozen or so places, some of whose scruples were doubtful. We chose Sundowner because the van would be displayed indoors in a large, attractive showroom, not out in the weather and the consignment fee was a fixed amount. After we met Ben and Gabi, their straight forward approach reassured us.

Super saleswoman, Gabi, presented our van very stylishly and to our surprise the van was sold within a couple of days in their showroom. We were very happy with the price we received and the commission fee was absolutely worth it. We were kept up to date with all aspects of the sale and the money was deposited in our bank within 7 days of the sale.

We would recommend Sundowner without any hesitation as a trustworthy, professional business. You did a fantastic job and thanks again Ben and Gabi.

– Alan and Lou