We’ve put together a range of videos covering new caravan reviews, new caravan handovers and feature and tips videos to help you on your caravanning adventures.

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New Caravan Reviews

Here we review the features and functions of new caravan models we sell.
We’re constantly adding to these reviews as we bring in new models and brands so stay tuned.

Vacationer Talon 216C

This is the bunk version of the luxury Talon touring van […]

Vacationer Rough Rider 21R

Mud. Rocks. Water. Wombat holes. These are just some of the things […]

Vacationer Talon 22C

Enjoy high-end luxury touring in the TALON, travel in style around Australia […]

Hilltop 17’8” Jindabyne Bunk Caravan

This one sleeps five! Its an absolute cracker […]

Regal Mercedes Benz Sprinter Motorhome

If you’re not sure if you want a caravan or motorhome […]

Hilltop Grampian 22ft

You’ve got to see the ensuite! […]

Hilltop Hotham 21″ Club Lounge

Meet the awesome 21″ Hotham with real leather club lounge […]

Hilltop H-19 Off Road Caravan

When adventure calls for off road capability the 19′ Hilltop […]

Hilltop Thredbo Mid Ensuite Caravan

Awesome caravan for absolute comfort and absolute luxury […]

Hilltop Hotham Off-Road Special Build

Check out this 2020 Hilltop Hotham off-road special build featuring […]

Hilltop Feathertop 19ft 6 Mid Door

Check out this video on our 2020 Hilltop 19ft6″ Mid Door Feathertop caravan […]

Hilltop Feathertop 19ft 6 Rear Door

Check out this video on our 2020 Hilltop 19ft6″ Rear Door Feathertop caravan […]

Hilltop Feathertop 18ft 6

Check out this video on our 2020 Hilltop 18ft 6″ Feathertop caravan […]

Hilltop Feathertop 17ft 6

Check out this video about the 2020 Hilltop 17ft 6″ Feathertop Single Axle […]

New Caravan Handover

Here we go through the features and function of all things in your new caravan.
Obviously a great resource for the new van owner, but also a great overview for those of you in the market for a new caravan.

Hilltop Feathertop Grampian Handover

In this Hilltop Grampian handover video we will run through the ins and outs […]

Hilltop Feathertop 18ft 6″ Handover

In this Hilltop Feathertop 18ft6 handover video we will run through […]

Hilltop Feathertop 17ft 6″ Caravan Handover

In this video we run through the ins and outs of the caravan and walk through […]

Hilltop Thredbo Mid Ensuite Hand Over

Let’s take a close look at the features and functions onboard a new Thredbo Mid Ensuite […]

Hotham 21′ New Caravan Hand Over

When you take ownership of your new Hotham 21′ from us we make sure you are familiar with all the […]

Hilltop Feathertop 19’6″ Rear Door New Caravan Hand Over

This video will give you an idea of what we cover during hand over […]

Features & Tips

Not only do we sell caravans be we are avid caravaners, so in this series we go through features,
after market add ons and how to, to help you get the most out of your caravanning.

Thetford AES 3 Way Fridge

Check out our video featuring the how to of the Thetford AES 3 way fridge […]

Winegard wind up caravan TV antenna

This video gives a little review on the Winegard windup caravan TV antenna […]

Should you put lithium batteries in your caravan?

In this video we discuss the pros and cons to lithium batteries […]

Cruise Master Country Road CRS2 Suspension

The preferred system for those looking for an alternative to a full off-road suspension system […]

Bike Racks by Grip Sport

We are agents for GripSport caravan and camper bike racks […]

Dexter Sway Control

SundownerRV are authorised installers of the the Dexter Sway Control System […]

CRS2 suspension, DO35 hitch, Dometic DR

This Sundowner RV video shows our Hilltop Hotham 21′ caravan that is setup with […]

Dometic Roll Out Awning

Stay shaded, stay comfortable, this video will go through how to set up and get the most out of this […]

Thetford AES Fridge

All you need to know to keep the beer, wine, milk and snags cool while on the road. This great […]

Hitching Up Your Caravan

This is a great video well worth watching wether new to caravanning or even if you’ve had lots of experience […]