Caravan features, functions and tips

We’ve put together a range of videos covering new caravan reviews, new caravan handovers and feature and tips to help you on your caravanning adventures.

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Here we review the features and functions of new caravan models we sell.
We’re constantly adding to these reviews as we bring in new models and brands, so stay tuned.


Here we go through the features and function of all things in your new caravan.
Obviously a great resource for the new van owner, but also a great overview for those of you in the market for a new caravan.

  • Hilltop Feathertop Grampian 22ft New Caravan Handover

  • Hilltop Feathertop 18ft 6″ New Caravan Handover

  • Hilltop Feathertop 17ft 6″ New Caravan Handover

  • Hilltop Thredbo Mid Ensuite New Caravan Hand Over

  • Hotham 21′ New Caravan Hand Over

  • Hilltop Feathertop 19’6″ Rear Door New Caravan Hand Over


Not only do we sell caravans be we are avid caravaners, so in this series we go through features,
after market add-ons and how-to, to help you get the most out of your caravanning.