About Us

hi I’m ben and welcome to Sundowner!

If you’ve watched any of the Sundowner videos you’ll know Ben and his passion for all things caravanning. This is also reflected in his simple business philosophy “Look after your customers the way you would like to be looked after”.

It’s our job to be the experts in caravans so you don’t need to be

Sundowner Caravans was started in July 2014 with a vision of offering caravans of excellent quality and exceptional value. Our ethos is simple, honesty, integrity and to look after our customers the way that we would like to be looked after if the roles were reversed.

Buying a caravan can be stressful and confusing as there are so many manufacturers and importers all claiming to have the best products on offer. Our job is to find quality caravans that offer value for money and provide after sales backup if anything doesn’t go according to plan. It is our job to be experts in caravans so that you don’t need to be.

We have the knowledge to be able to assist you with choosing which options suit your needs and offer value for money. We stock and supply traditionally built timber frame caravans, aluminium frame caravans, fully off-road models, touring models, and various models in between. We are always happy to sit down and talk about your plans and expectations for your new caravan and how we can best tailor a caravan to suit your needs and budget.

An important part of the caravan buying journey is ensuring that the caravan you purchase can be legally, safely, and comfortably towed by your vehicle. When you are not dealing with this daily the different terminology, legal requirements and weight measurements can be overwhelming. We deal with these issues every day and it is something we are always happy to spend the time on with you to ensure that we get your vehicle and caravan matched properly.

Sundowner Caravans is the Victorian agent for Hilltop Caravans, Vacationer Caravans, Villa Caravans, and various other manufacturers when we find products worth offering. We keep a range of new and second-hand caravans on display in our indoor showroom in Dingley, near Moorabbin Airport.

Caravan servicing, repairs and installation of accessories is a rapidly growing part of our business. Whether it is a replacement water pump, new antenna, plumbing or electrical issue we have the staff with the skills and experience to sort out the problem.

Throughout the year we attend various local and regional shows to exhibit our range of new caravans. The details of the shows we are attending are listed on our website under “events”.

Sundowner Caravans stocks and installs Grip Sport bike racks, WITI security systems, Diesel heaters, Electronic Sway control systems, anti-flap kits, toolboxes and so much more.

You are always welcome to come in and see us and our caravans, enjoy a coffee or tea in our comfortable indoor showroom with our friendly staff.