First big trip and got a major tyre blowout!

Picked up our van last July, and we were back in lockdown 5 days later, hence no trip. Took van on short 3 day trip in feb, to test van and become familiar before seeing of somewhere further. Last Friday on our way to Swan Hill and 100ks out of Swan Hill we had a major tyre blowout, which destroyed tyre/wheel/mud flap. We didn’t feel a thing/ or see anything in the mirrors or on safety dave. A car following us became quite concerned when sparks and smoke stayed appearing from our van, they then overtook us on single lane highway over double lines to alert us of the pending disaster. We’re so very thankful. We managed to pull over safely however the area wasn’t date to have this happen due to heavy vehicle traffic. We will now be investing in sensors to alert us of any tyre pressure fluctuations.

Anyway, back to point of the review, I rang sundowner mid arvo on the Friday and spoke to Mel and explained what had happened. She was supportive and concerned. She kindly arranged a replacement which arrived within 2 business days, so we can continue on with our travels. Thanks Mel you made a horrible situation less of a issue moving forward. No pun intended. Nothing has been to much for sundowner in our experience so thanks team your the best.

– Mariane