Hilltop Caravans.

Hilltop Caravan’s owner Dham worked in the caravan industry for about 7 years before deciding to start Hilltop Caravans and put his own ideas into practise. The blend of Dham’s caravan and technical skills and Dhula’s (Dham’s wife) financial and management skills has been the key to hilltops quality build and impeccable customer service and relationships.

As of mid-2019 Hilltop has created and produced over 17 different caravan layouts. The management and employees at Hilltop caravans are well trained and experienced in their particular field, which is one of the reasons Hilltop Caravans are producing the best caravans in the market and are growing very quickly as a company.

Below are some images to give you an insight into what goes into building a Hilltop Caravan

The Chassis. Hilltop build their caravans using the Australian made FP chassis, utilising Australian made RHS steel from Australian Tube Mills and the Orrcon Salisbury Mill in QLD, the best steel, for the strongest foundation. You can read more about the benefits of FP chassis here.

Structural Strength. In this image you can see Hilltop using curved plywood on the van front framing to give the cladding extra support.

Cabinetry. Hilltop use a traditional cabinet build, fixing from the outside in. Cabinetry is fixed into all the corners of the van giving the van extra structural strength.

Cupboard Detail. In this image you can see the front of one of the cupboards in construction. All Hilltop cupboards have an edge trim to ensure they’re finished to the highest standard possible.

Framing. Hilltop uses Meranti timber sized 42mm x 19mm and spaced 200 to 270mm apart for maximum strength and lightness.